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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 55 – Production Design

After a Covid-enforced hiatus, the Doctor Who Magazine Special Editions are back, this time looking at the show’s production design.

Production designers are some of the unsung heroes of Doctor Who, bringing outlandish script concepts to life and recreating historical settings for one of the BBC’s most demanding productions. Initially responsible for creating alien creatures as well as bizarre planets and other exotic destinations, designers have played a central role in the series’ production since it began in 1963.

This richly illustrated Special Edition examines the production designer’s craft in unprecedented detail, further boasting exclusive interviews and rarely seen images.

Interviews include:

  • Jeremy Bear (The Mutants)
  • Nigel Curzon (Terror of the Zygons)
  • Arwel Wyn Jones (production designer on the 2018 series)
  • Michael Pickwoad (production designer on the 2010-17 series)
  • Jon Pusey (The Pirate Planet)
  • Stephen Scott (Mawdryn Undead)
  • Dafydd Shurmer (production designer from the 2020 series)
  • Edward Thomas (production designer from 2005 to 2010)
  • Tom Yardley-Jones (The Leisure Hive)

Other highlights include:

  • Features on the design of Doctor Who throughout its history
  • Bill Constable’s previously unpublished designs for the 1965 movie Dr. Who and the Daleks
  • Barry Newbery’s designs for The Aztecs
  • Recreating sets for The Evil of the Daleks with its designer, Chris Thompson

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 55: Production Design is sale at WHSmith, selected supermarkets, and online from Panini’s online store now, priced £6.99.

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition 55 – Production Design

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