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Download Big Finish’s The Omega Factor: From Beyond, Free For One Week Only

With Hallowe’en just around the corner, Big Finish are providing the scares, giving listeners the chance to list to an episode of The Omega Factor completely free for one week!

Originally produced and set in Scotland, The Omega Factor scared BBC TV viewers and attracted criticism from Mary Whitehouse. Audio company, Big Finish revived the series in 2015, making three box sets set in the modern day. 

For one week only, you can download the hour-long opening episode of The Omega Factor, completely free. From Beyond stars original TV actors Louise Jameson (Anne Reynolds) and Natasha Gerson (Morag). Joining them as Tom’s son Adam is John Dorney, writer of many Big Finish classics.

Written by Matt Fitton, here’s the blurb:

Dr Anne Reynolds finds her life’s work under threat as Department 7 faces review. Is there really any place for paranormal investigation in government?

Help arrives from an unlikely source, as a young man comes to Edinburgh looking for answers. Adam Dean holds a connection to Anne’s past, which will open the doors of perception and take them down a new and disturbing path…

Fitton said:

“I wanted us to create something that’s as scary as can be through the headphones because in audio you can really get in to the listener’s mind and try and terrify them! 

“Essentially, we take the set-up of a top-secret government department that investigates the strange and uncanny, with a view to using it to gain an understanding of this ‘Omega Factor’ – with life beyond death.  

“We’ve taken that initial set-up and moved it up to the present day. Louise’s character has carried on and become head of Department 7 and we get a chance to explain what’s happened to her in the intervening period. That way, people can come to it fresh and won’t have to know the old TV series. The Omega Factor is a great framework in which to tell scary stories, in an X-Files kind of set-up.” 

Louise Jameson (who Doctor Who fans will know as Fourth Doctor companion, Leela) said:

“I was really thrilled when [Big Finish senior producer] David Richardson first mentioned it to me, as I always enjoyed The Omega Factor. David told me there’s so much more interest in TV from the 1970s and 80s now. And I’m really glad they let me play Anne at my own age – this way, I’m not trying to sound like a 27-year-old again and running around in a leotard!” 

For a limited time only, Big Finish listeners can also get up to up to 50% off volumes 1-2 of The Omega Factor on collector’s edition CD or download.

Plus, get the complete The Omega Factor series for as little as £48 when all three volumes are bought together. Also included in this special bundle is The Omega Factor audiobook by Jack Gerson, read by Louise Jameson.  

All the above offers end at 23:59 (UK time) on 1st November 2020, exclusively from Big Finish.

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Download Big Finish’s The Omega Factor: From Beyond, Free For One Week Only

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