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Out Now: Big Finish’s Dalek Universe — Volume 2

The follow-up set to the acclaimed Dalek Universe is available now from audio company, Big Finish.

These three new dramas find the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his companions Mark Seven (Joe Sims) and Anya Kingdom (Jane Slavin) on the hunt for the answers to Mark’s past, a missing scientist, and replacement parts on a strange world – or they could be trapped forever… 

Here’s what’s inside Volume 2:

Cycle of Destruction by Roy Gill 

After Mark starts behaving oddly, the Doctor and Anya find themselves on a strange planet with their friend missing. Searching for him they find their way to an isolated research base. The corridors show signs of animal incursions and the scientists are behaving strangely. But a big surprise is waiting for them. 

Because this is where Mark Seven came from. They’re about to find out who he is. But is that information too dangerous to know? 

The Trojan Dalek by John Dorney 

The Doctor, Mark and Anya head for an SSS space-station searching for the missing temporal scientist, Arborecc. But the officer in charge denies all knowledge of his presence and demands their departure. 

Unwilling to leave so easily, the group split up to investigate… and uncover a heinous plot involving the Doctor’s oldest foes. 

Or do they? 

The Lost by Rob Valentine 

When the Doctor’s latest scheme to get back to the future fails, the team’s ship crashes on a strange world, potentially trapping them for ever. 

Searching for replacement parts, they find their way to a building where heart-breakingly familiar faces await them. 

Lies are about to be exposed. Everyone will learn the truth. And nothing will be the same again. 

Also featured in this box set are Nina Toussaint-White (Mels in Let’s Kill Hitler), John Banks (Graceless, Missy), Avita Jay (Stranded, Silent Witness), Blake Ritson (Adam Adamant Lives!, Da Vinci’s Demons), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Doctor Who: Time Heist, Harlots), Barnaby Edwards (The Box of Delights, Gallifrey), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma), Leighton Pugh (Sherlock Holmes, The Diary of River Song), and Nicholas Briggs as (duh) the Daleks.

Producer David Richardson said:

“The Dalek Universe series is a roller-coaster ride and something rarely done in Doctor Who – a journey through different worlds within one storyline universe, but not really a journey through time.  

“It gives us such a lovely tapestry to work within: interlinking themes, over-arching plots and brilliant character histories to explore. And all this with David Tennant, Jane Slavin and Joe Sims – what a joyous nine days of recording we had!” 

You can now order all three volumes of Dalek Universe, which are available in three formats – collector’s edition CD, digital download or limited edition gatefold triple LP vinyl – exclusively from Big Finish, from just £19.99. 

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Out Now: Big Finish’s Dalek Universe — Volume 2

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