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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #567

Welcome in the summer with the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

Going on holiday might not be so easy this year, but we can remember some of the highlights of summers past. That’s why this issue features a celebration of the Doctor Who exhibitions in the 1970s, from the Science Museum in London to Middlesbrough Town Hall, plus Blackpool and Longleat. And that includes 16 pages of previously unseen photos, and memories from fans who were there.

And here’s what else is inside:

  • A guide to Doctor Who filming locations.
  • Apocrypha takes a trip to Blackpool with The Nightmare Fair, the Doctor’s rematch with the Celestial Toymaker.
  • The Fact of Fiction visits a sinister amusement park in the 2013 episode, Nightmare in Silver.
  • An exclusive first-look at the forthcoming Blu-ray Special Edition of The Web of Fear.
  • Tributes to Jackie Lane (the First Doctor’s companion Dodo in 1966) and Damaris Hayman (Olive Hawthorne in 1971’s The Dæmons).
  • A review of The Collection: Season 24 Blu-ray box set.
  • Results of the 2021 DWM Poll.
  • Sufficient Data explores Doctor Who’s big ideas.

PLUS: Previews, reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, and more.

Doctor Who Magazine #567 is on sale now, priced £5.99 (UK). Or from priced £4.99.

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #567

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