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Celebrate 15 Years of Torchwood with Big Finish’s The Great Sontaran War

This October, Torchwood celebrates its 15th anniversary — unbelievable, eh?! — and Big Finish joins the celebrations with a story pitting Ianto Jones against one of Doctor Who‘s oldest and bloodthirstiest enemies, the Sontarans!

First broadcast on BBC TV on 22nd October 2006, Torchwood has since expanded its universes on audio with beloved characters and brand-new encounters.

In this autumn’s full cast audio adventure, Gareth David-Lloyd returns as Ianto Jones alongside Dan Starkey as the mighty Major Kreg, in a tale of caravans, tinned goods and a Sontaran discovering the Internet…

Here’s what to expect from The Great Sontaran War:

The Great Sontaran War has raged across the cosmos for millennia and finally it is coming to the Earth. 

Major Kreg has been dispatched to carry out a strategic assessment of the planet. He will learn about the dominant life form, decide what the world has to offer, and discover the ultimate value of the human race. 

For Torchwood, there is only one place to put him. Welcome to the Mumbles Bay Caravan Park. 

Writer James Goss said:

“To celebrate Torchwood‘s 15th anniversary we’ve done what everyone expected – teaming Ianto Jones up with a Sontaran on a caravan park in Swansea. Gareth and Dan make for a brilliant duo as Major Kreg conducts his survey into human nature – taking in capitalism, soup-making, checkouts and pets. It’s a pairing for the ages. Will we finally learn what started the Great Sontaran War?” 

Torchwood: The Great Sontaran War is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD at £10.99 or on download from the Big Finish website at £8.99. 

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Celebrate 15 Years of Torchwood with Big Finish’s The Great Sontaran War

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