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Freema Agyeman Returns to Doctor Who for The Year of Martha Jones!

Freema Agyeman is returning to the world of Doctor Who as Martha Jones, in a new set of audio adventures for Big Finish!

After more than a decade away from the TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor’s companion will be back in The Year of Martha Jones, to be released in December 2021.

Set between the 2007 TV episodes The Sound of Drums and The Last of the Time Lords, these new stories explore the year that Martha spent travelling the Earth, warning humanity about the Master and spreading hope with tales of her friend, the Doctor.

Also featuring in these adventures is Martha’s mum, Francine Jones, with Adjoa Andoh reprising the role she played on screen.

Here’s what’s inside the set: 

  • The Last Diner by James Goss 
  • Silver Medal by Tim Foley 
  • Deceived by Matt Fitton

Producer David Richardson said:

“I love Martha Jones and I love tales of an apocalyptic Earth, so when we secured Freema for this box set I was immediately drawn to the idea of Martha’s year on an Earth subjugated by the Master. The Doctor has lost! The Jones family in peril! Toclafane sweeping the skies, and a mission to travel the world, sharing tales of a Time Lord who defeats the monsters. There was so much dramatic potential in this story world and our writers have had a lot of fun with that.” 

Freema Agyeman added:

“We really didn’t know what Martha was going through during that year on Earth – we see her embark on it, and we see the conclusion of it, but it’s so interesting to really see her as an ordinary person, trying to do extraordinary things. She has incredible independence and strength so I think she can rely on that, but it’s been great to see how she does ebb and flow throughout that journey.”

The Year of Martha Jones is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD (at £19.99) or digital download (at £16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website. 

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Freema Agyeman Returns to Doctor Who for The Year of Martha Jones!

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