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How Much Would You Pay to Meet a Doctor Who Actor?

Want to meet a Doctor Who actor? In many cases, you’re going to end up paying big bucks to spend time in the presence of someone you admire. You could have a chat, maybe get an autograph, or even have your photo taken with your hero. It’s up to you – you’re paying, after all.

But is it worth the money?

This week’s Kasterborous podcast looks at the costs involved with meeting a Doctor Who actor and what happens next. Do you feel good about it, or might it be a disappointment?

Did you treat that celebrity, that famous actor, that writer, that costume designer, or that man who stands in a rubber suit for hours every day with respect, or did you consider them as a two-dimensional character you saw off the TV, rather than a rounded, living human?

And did it make you feel good, or was it a disappointment?

Meeting a Doctor Who actor isn’t as simple as you thought, eh? Christian Cawley and James McLean recount their experiences meeting people connected to the show, and how those encounters seemed to go – at the time, and with the benefit of hindsight.

Christian Cawley

How Much Would You Pay to Meet a Doctor Who Actor?

by Christian Cawley time to read: 1 min
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