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Congratulations! Karen Gillan Is Married to Nick Kosher

Doctor Who fans across the world were devastated to hear that former companion, Karen Gillan, is now married.

The actress, who played Amy Pond regularly between 2010 and 2012 before making a cameo in 2013’s The Time of the Doctor, married comedian and writer, Nick Kocher at a secret wedding ceremony at Castle Toward in Dunoon, Argyll.

The whole thing was a closely-guarded secret — literally, there were security guards stopping unauthorised access to the castle, and few knew about their relationship.

Guests reportedly at the pair’s wedding included former showrunner, Steven Moffat; Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith; and Robert Downey Jr., who Karen worked with on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame (in which Downey Jr played Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, and Gillan played Nebula, daughter of Thanos).

Kosher apparently arrived via speedboat, while Gillan came by a yacht, The Spirit of Fortitude.

“No, no, you’re lying; of course she didn’t fall in love with someone else,” said a distraught anonymous fan. “A wedding! That’s ridiculous. And who is this Nick Kosher anyway?! An ‘award winning Saturday Night Live writer’? Don’t be silly. I think, as the editor of a Doctor Who fansite, I’d know if Karen had been in a relationship for two years.”

The 36-year-old American also wore a kilt to the ceremony, celebrating Karen’s Scottish roots.

“I look great in a kilt,” lied the anonymous fan.

(Joking aside, we’re pleased that Karen has found such happiness and wish her and her husband all the best in the future.)

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Congratulations! Karen Gillan Is Married to Nick Kosher

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