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Steven Moffat Teases Upcoming Shows with Peter Capaldi and David Tennant

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is having a busy year, what with his new adaptation of hit novel The Time Traveller’s Wife recently making its debut (HBO in the USA and Sky Atlantic/Now TV in the UK) and two further projects he’s involved in set to appear on our screens soon. And he’s working with some familiar colleagues on both series.

Inside Man is a four-part drama for the BBC and Netflix, scripted by Moffat, which will star David Tennant, Dolly Wells, Lydia West, and Stanley Tucci. It’s being pitched as ‘a captivating four part mini-series (which) follows a prisoner on death row in the US, a Vicar in a quiet English town, and a maths teacher trapped in a cellar, as they cross paths in the most unexpected way…’.

Moffat is reluctant to give too much away but teases Inside Man as follows:

“Most detective shows are whodunits. This one is more like a ‘who will do it’. Or possibly a ‘you done it’. Its central idea is anyone can be a murderer. And it won’t be the one you expect.”

Inside Man will be shown on BBC One in the UK and on Netflix elsewhere. More details (including pics) can be found at BBC Media Centre.

Moffat has also served as Executive Producer on The Devil’s Hour, a six-part Amazon Prime series written by Tom Moran, working alongside his wife Sue Vertue for their production company Hartswood Films. As we reported in December, Peter Capaldi has a key role in this one, playing a reclusive nomad driven by a murderous obsession who becomes the focus a murder investigation.

“It’s a really hard one to define,” says the Moff. “And we asked all the actors to define it. And Peter Capaldi being a genius said, ‘Listen to your nightmares.’ So that’s the best I can tell you.”

Read more from Steven Moffat’s interview with Radio Times.

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Steven Moffat Teases Upcoming Shows with Peter Capaldi and David Tennant

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