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New “Multimedia Hybrid” Film with Sylvester McCoy to Debut at the Edinburgh Fringe

Seventh Doctor actor, Sylvester McCoy is set to attend a premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe for a brand new multi-media production, described as a ‘new concept for our times’.

McCoy will be joined by EastEnders co-star Linda Marlowe as well as newcomer, Eleanor May Blackburn in Apartness, part stand-up comedy and part film, set to begin on the 5th August at The Space, Surgeon’s Hall. The show will run until 27th August 2022.

The world premiere will mix moving image with vaudevillian-style comedy and tells the tale of two isolated souls. McCoy will be playing Christopher, and the whole play is based on near-true events, inspired by a comedian who thought art was more important than life.

McCoy and Marlowe will feature in the movie ‘parts’ of the show, while Blackburn will be handling the theatre side of things. The show is the brainchild of writer and director Kevin Short, who wrote the play in lockdown. Kevin described his show as:

 “A new attraction for both theatre and film audiences, an entertainment that can play both types of venue. Apartness is for theatre and movie lovers alike so, roll up, roll up, it’s for all of you and you will see Sylvester give what I believe to be his greatest film performance. He is remarkable in it.”

McCoy added:

“When I read the script I thought, ‘Love in a Covid Climate’, a multimedia adventure in Covid and comedy, and I really liked that idea. I loved playing the part and I even got to play the spoons!”

For McCoy, this will be the first time at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2018, when he last time took part in a play alongside Star Trek Voyager‘s Robert Picardo; they both took part in A Joke, written by Dan Freeman.

Apartness promises to be one of the best things at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has been given a rating of 16. Tickets are available to purchase now and the show will run in the evenings with a start time of 10:45pm.

Jordan Shortman

New “Multimedia Hybrid” Film with Sylvester McCoy to Debut at the Edinburgh Fringe

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