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Indira Varma Returns as Suzie Costello for the First Audio in a Torchwood Trilogy

Indira Varma returns as Suzie Costello in the first in a love-themed trilogy of Torchwood stories for Big Finish — kicking off on Valentine’s Day 2023!

February’s adventure, The Last Love Song of Suzie Costello, is written by Big Finish newcomer ,Rafaella Marcus and features Indira Varma (Luther, The Capture) returning in the title role to find love… under the sea.

Then, in March, The Thirst Trap, written by and starring Tom Price, finds Andy Davidson in a repetitive but high-stakes dating cycle.   

Then, in Aaron Lamont’s Launch Date, due out in April, Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) meddles in his best mate’s love life. 

Producer James Goss enthuses:

Torchwood is unlucky in love. We’ve got three remarkable tales about romance and heartbreak. We’re delighted that Indira Varma returns in The Last Love Song Of Suzie Costello and we’re thrilled that Tom Price has written The Thirst Trap – a story about a dating app that gives you 20 minutes to find true love. And the trilogy concludes with Launch Date, in which Ianto tries to help two people find love and save the world.”

Each of these Torchwood titles are available to pre-order for £10.99 (on CD with a download) or £8.99 (download only) from Big Finish. Or you can save money by pre-ordering six-release Torchwood bundles for £60 (CD and download) or £50 (download only). Alternatively, 12-release bundles are also available from £96. 

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Indira Varma Returns as Suzie Costello for the First Audio in a Torchwood Trilogy

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