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Out Now: The Eighth Doctor Returns to the Time War With New Companion… Cass?!

The Eighth Doctor encounters the Daleks, a warped timeline, and a new companion in a brand-new box set of full-cast audio adventures, released yesterday by Big Finish Productions.

Cass Fermazzi (Emma Campbell-Jones) – the doomed pilot seen briefly in 2013’s Doctor Who special minisode, The Night of the Doctor – boards the TARDIS but, somehow, she’s meeting the Doctor for the first time.

Here’s the synopsis for The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Time War – Cass

The Doctor (Paul McGann) and his great-grandson Alex (Sonny McGann) are back travelling the universe together… but when that universe is in the grips of a Time War, the unexpected lurks round every corner…

Here’s what to expect in the set:

Meanwhile, Elsewhere by Tim Foley (1 part) 

The Doctor and Alex arrive on a tropical beach where something’s amiss. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere… a desperate pilot runs for his life. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere… it’s Cass Fermazzi’s first day on an errand-class starship. 

Meanwhile, elsewhere… it’s the beginning of the end of everything.

Script editor John Dorney said:

“Tim is a great writer so getting him involved just feels like a no brainer. If you are offered the opportunity to work with Tim, then grab it! It feels like I’ve got one of the best seats in the house when I’m working with Tim because I don’t know what’s coming next, or where the next scene is going to be.”

Vespertine by Lou Morgan (1 part) 

It’s Cass’s first trip in the TARDIS, and the Doctor is determined to make it one to remember. But when they arrive at a research base that shouldn’t exist, built above a missing explorer’s ship that should never have been found, it seems their visit’s going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

Because deep beneath the ice, there’s more than just a long-lost ship waiting for them… 

John Dorney continued:

“Lou and I worked together on the Doctor of War box set and it was immediately obvious when I was going through the script that I wanted to work with her again – and as often as possible. This story is utterly glorious and beautiful, and I could not be more delighted with the script.” 

Previously, Next Time by James Moran (2 parts) 

The Doctor, Cass and Alex land to find out what’s causing temporal anomalies with the TARDIS, and come across an uninhabited planet, a mysterious factory, and a weapon so dangerous, it could destroy the Universe. But things go catastrophically wrong…

John Dorney added:

“We have the mighty James Moran writing the last two episodes. This is James’s first full-cast audio drama for a Big Finish Doctor Who range, although he has written a Short Trip and a Torchwood monthly adventure before. I’m always delighted to see his name because the scripts are guaranteed to be incredibly interesting, fun and a very enjoyable read.”

The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Time War – Cass is now available to buy as a CD box set (and download) for £24.99 or download only (for £19.99), exclusively from Big Finish.

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Out Now: The Eighth Doctor Returns to the Time War With New Companion… Cass?!

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