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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #586 Features an Interview with New Companion, Millie Gibson

Millie Gibson talks about playing new companion, Ruby Sunday, in Doctor Who Series 14, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

In an exclusive interview, she talks about what it’s like acting alongside Fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, and how she discovered she’d secured the role:

“I went to get a spray tan for the NTAs [National Television Awards], and I was in the room waiting to dry off when I got this WhatsApp call, asking me to join the call with all my agents. I picked up the phone and they were like, ‘Are you good at keeping secrets?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ They said, ‘Are you really good at keeping secrets? Cos you’ve got it’.”

The issue also includes:

  • From Cardiff with Love – in an another world exclusive, Doctor Who executive producers Phil Collinson, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, and Jane Tranter are interviewed together for the first time and discuss the future of the series.
  • Liberation of the Daleks Part Three – the adventures of the Fourteenth Doctor continue in the epic comic-strip adventure written by Alan Barnes and illustrated by Lee Sullivan.
  • Letter from the Showrunner – Russell T Davies reveals how and why he returned to Doctor Who.
  • Production Diary – script editor Scott Handcock files his latest report on the making of forthcoming episodes, direct from Doctor Who’s HQ.
  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest official news, including an exclusive update from Phil Collinson.
  • 60 Objects, 60 Years – from Flambeaux in 1963 to Cybermats in 1967, the first part of this ongoing series tells the story of one object from every year of Doctor Who’s history. (And if you enjoy that, you can check out 100 Objects of Dr Who, written by me, available now from Candy Jar!)
  • No Time to Die – sets from The Daleks’ Master Plan are recreated in CGI, providing new insights into this mostly missing story.
  • The Fact of Fiction – travel back to a chilly London in the year 1814 and uncover secrets of the Twelfth Doctor story, Thin Ice.
  • The Watchers ­– fans who were lucky enough to be granted studio visits in the 1980s recall the thrill of watching stories such as Frontios, The Happiness Patrol, and Ghost Light being made.
  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to forthcoming stories in the expanded Doctor Who universe.

PLUS: Previews, reviews, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, Public Image and more.

Doctor Who Magazine #586 is on sale now, priced £6.99 (UK).

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #586 Features an Interview with New Companion, Millie Gibson

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