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What Does the New TARDIS Interior Look Like? “An Impossible Space Made Possible”

The new TARDIS interior has been described as an “impossible space [made] possible” by new Executive Producer, Joel Collins.

We’ve been teased with a couple of new Doctors (i.e. David Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa as the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, respectively), their costumes, a new companion (Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday), the return of UNIT, and plenty of guest stars — but hey, we’re greedy Doctor Who fans, desperate to know what the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s fantastic Space-Time Ship looks like!

So Collins has teased:

“We talked thorough various concepts with Russell [T Davies, showrunner], and there was one rough idea that was just too ambitious, and too impossible – but which everybody loved. Once I’d put it in front of Russell, he’s just too visually bright to unsee it. I’d go, ‘Yes, yes, but it’s completely mad, it’s never going to happen.’ Then we started to say, ‘OK, how do we make this impossible space possible?’

Phil [Sims, the new Production Designer] brought in a brilliant engineer, who spent months trying to solve the engineering riddle of this impossible, logic-defying set, which no one in their right mind should ever have even drawn in the first place. But that kind of sums up the show…”

Of course, no decent executive is going to be asked about the new TARDIS and respond, “yeah, it’s alright”; nonetheless, this really does whet our appetite for something awesome.

We’ve had some cracking TARDIS console rooms in the past — in recent times, the stand-out is arguably the Twelfth Doctor’s, which was moody, alien, and packed to the rafters with books. Its time rotor was pretty unique too, in that it didn’t go up and down in the conventional manner; instead, the loops of Gallifreyan above whirled around.

So what does this next TARDIS promise to be? Well, we hear it’s bigger than ever before…

Philip Bates

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What Does the New TARDIS Interior Look Like? “An Impossible Space Made Possible”

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