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Peter Davison “Always Very Happy” to Return to Doctor Who

Fifth Doctor actor, Peter Davison, has said he’s always very happy to come back to Doctor Who.

His comments come after his surprise reappearance in The Power of the Doctor, Jodie Whittaker’s swansong as the Thirteenth Doctor, which also featured cameos from a number of other Doctors including Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, and David Bradley as the First Doctor.

Davison said:

“I’m always very happy to come back… It’s a thrill to be a part of the digital age but, at the same time, when David Tennant first took over as the Doctor in 2006, I went along to see the filming.

“I was very pleased to see the actual programme – although it looked much better with all the special effects on the screen, it was still made with the same degree of chaos and panic and nobody knew what the heck they were doing, as it was when I made it.”

So how did Peter find The Power of the Doctor? He explains:

“It was marvellous. It was terrific. I never would have dreamt that in the 21st century I’d be appearing in Doctor Who. I never thought I’d even be alive by this time!

“To have a series still going and still going strong, and every few series it gets a new lease of life – and who knows if I’ll get invited back again – but it’s been a great thrill to be involved with and I’ve never been worried about that because I’ve always managed to work apart from it. It’s fun to come back.”

He’s a fantastic ambassador for the franchise — his enthusiasm for the show and its fans really shines through — and I’ve got a real soft spot for the Fifth Doctor, so I would absolutely welcome his return again. The 60th anniversary is just around the corner, and has, of course, already been filmed, so who knows, maybe we will see the Fifth Doctor again?

Would you like to see more of Davison’s Doctor? Is the 60th anniversary the best opportunity? Or is one returning Doctor, i.e. David Tennant, this time playing the Fourteenth Doctor, more than enough for now?

Philip Bates

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Peter Davison “Always Very Happy” to Return to Doctor Who

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