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Big Finish’s The Robots Series Concludes This April With The Final Hour

Big Finish’s The Robots series comes to an end this spring, with a sixth boxset which closes out Liv Chenka’s time with her sister on Kaldor.

BAFTA-nominees Nicola Walker (Spooks; The Split) and Claire Rushbrook (Spider-Man: Far From Home; Enola Holmes) reprise the roles of Liv and Tula Chenka in three brand-new adventures.

During the events of Ravenous 2, Liv left the Doctor and the TARDIS behind for a year to reconnect with her sister on Kaldor. But she soon discovered that technology was accelerating rapidly – causing the most turbulent time in the world’s history. Now, it’s Liv’s last few months on Kaldor with Tula and tensions are rising both between them and on the streets. Can the Chenka sisters prevent a massive disaster with the deadline looming?

Here’s what’s in the set:

Force Of Nature by Helen Goldwyn

A month after Tula’s enhancement chip was compromised, she and Liv join a compulsory ‘Recovery Training Course’ to help rehabilitate those infected. But they soon become embroiled in the tensions between the course participants and a very human-like SuperVoc – seemingly with its own agenda…

Face To Face by John Dorney

When Tula wakes to find some strangely familiar faces in her living room, a battle of wills breaks out. Not everyone can leave… but will they let the right one out?

The Final Hour by Matt Fitton

Liv Chenka’s time on Kaldor is almost at an end. The Company seems more powerful than ever. There’s unrest on the streets, the people are scared. And Tula is in trouble with her boss… But there are those who stand against the Company. Those with a new vision of the future for Kaldor and its Robots. An intricate plan is in motion – the Chenka sisters are about to spend their final hour on the planet.

Producer, David Richardson said:

“I don’t want it to end! The Robots has just been a total joy to work on. 18 recording days of laughter and great work, and six box sets of top-notch storytelling. The Chenka sisters have become such a big part of Big Finish, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to the terrific pairing of Nicola and Claire. They’ve brought so much to the characters and to every recording day – it’s just been such a joy.”

The talented ensemble cast members featuring in this sci-fi thriller include Jon Culshaw (as Vash Sorkov), Tracy Wiles (as both SV94 and Jadia), and Sarah Lambie (as Graf Kirran).

The Robots 6, which is due out in April 2023, is now available to pre-order as a three-disc CD boxset (and download) for £19.99 or a download only for £16.99.

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Big Finish’s The Robots Series Concludes This April With The Final Hour

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