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Here’s Who Anita Dobson Is Playing In Doctor Who Series 14

Anita Dobson has revealed who she is playing in the next series of Doctor Who — including how she fits into the show, in relation to new companion, Ruby Sunday.

The former EastEnders star will be playing Mrs Flood, who Anita says is one of Ruby’s nosey neighbours, and who gets drawn into the Doctor’s adventures. She explains:

“She lives in the same street so she’s always got her eyes on what’s going on. She’s one of those.

“I haven’t worked with Ncuti [Gatwa, who plays the Fifteenth Doctor] yet. I’ve done the read-through with him and he’s gorgeous, he’s absolutely adorable and very talented. Millie [Gibson, new companion], I adore. I think she’s absolutely stunning.

“But I’ve only done about three days, so very early days.”

That does hint that she’ll be playing a bigger role than merely peeking out from behind the curtains and tutting at some Adipose. But then, it’s Anita Dobson — of course she’ll have a bigger part than that!

So how did she get a part in the series? It’s pretty simple actually…

“[New showrunner, Russell T Davies] asked me to join the ranks and he said, ‘Please come and play with us.’ How can you resist that?”

Dobson has been seen filming for the programme in Bristol, seemingly for the Christmas special.

Shooting for Doctor Who Series 14 continues right now, with filming expected to carry on in Wales and the nearby area.

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Here’s Who Anita Dobson Is Playing In Doctor Who Series 14

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