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Phil Ford: “There’s Every Chance Doctor Who Spin-Off Torchwood Could Return”

Torchwood writer, Phil Ford, has said there’s every chance that the Doctor Who spin-off could return to TV following Russell T Davies’ comeback as showrunner of the franchise.

Ford, who wrote the Series 2 episode, Something Borrowed, speculated about which spin-offs could be in the pipeline:

“I’ve always wanted to see more done with UNIT. I’ve always thought there’s stuff we could do with UNIT there.

“And, of course, I think there’s every case for bringing back a version of Torchwood. But the thing about Doctor Who is the universe is so huge over all these years, over 60 years, there’s so many places you could go to to develop spin-offs. But I honestly have no idea what is going on in the great man’s mind so we’ll have to wait and find out.”

We’d certainly be up for a UNIT series — and dare we say, it feels like something that’s pretty likely too? As for Torchwood, it could definitely come back, although if we’re looking for the best Doctor Who spin-off to make a return, then we have to acknowledge the other spin-off Ford worked extensively on: The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Obviously, that ended with the sad passing of its lead, Elisabeth Sladen, but the wider cast could still show up again. Clyde and Rani certainly have legs!

On similar lines, the smart money is arguably on another show focused on a former companion: Ace, played by Sophie Aldred. She was due to appear in The Sarah Jane Adventures and actually did return to the world of Doctor Who in The Power of the Doctor.

Either way, Davies has made it clear that we should expect spin-offs in the near future…

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Phil Ford: “There’s Every Chance Doctor Who Spin-Off Torchwood Could Return”

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