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Lost Loads of Doctor Who Collectables? Sussex Police Might’ve Just Recovered Your Hoard

Police in Sussex have issued an appeal to help find the owner of a collection of Doctor Who merchandise.

The intriguing request was made by Sussex Police in the UK, who retrieved the collection and have now asked for the public’s help in reuniting the haul with its owner.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said:

“We have recovered a significant collection of vintage Doctor Who collectable figurines, cards, and magazines. The rightful owner is not currently known, and we are asking for them to come forward.

“If you think these items might be yours or know who they might belong to and if you’re able to prove ownership, we would like to reunite you with these items.

“Please contact us via 101 and quote crime reference 47230043436.”

The circumstances of the recovery, believed to have been made in the Adur and Worthing area, haven’t been disclosed, but let’s hope whoever is missing their Doctor Who collection can retrieve it soon. We’re certainly intrigued by what such a large haul might include. We reckon issues of Doctor Who Magazine, maybe some Top Trumps — heck, perhaps even some Dapol?

It’s the wrong part of the country for PC Yasmin Khan to help, of course. Perhaps it’s a case for Duggan?

Jonathan Appleton

A regular Doctor Who viewer since Pertwee fought maggots and spiders, Jonathan isn't about to stop now. He considers himself lucky to have grown up in an era when Doctor Who, Star Trek and Blakes 7 could all be seen on primetime BBC1. As well as writing regularly for The Doctor Who Companion he's had chapters included in a couple of Blakes 7 books.

Lost Loads of Doctor Who Collectables? Sussex Police Might’ve Just Recovered Your Hoard

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