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Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection #7 — Final Battle

The long journey of Marco Polo has been beset with sabotage, and many of the party’s lives threatened. At last, Marco Polo finds out that his right hand man is working for another, and against Polo’s best interests. When his sinister agenda is revealed, there is a fight to the death. 

In honour of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, and inspired by the seven part, pure historical drama, we continue the Marco Polo collection with Final Battle, the last in the collection; available at Redbubble, this high resolution image can be obtained in any number of forms and sizes, on prints, posters, cards, and other merchandise. And with all prints, there is a choice of the standard image, or the enhanced version (as below) with the title and border included.

The treachery of Warlord Tegana is finally uncovered and Marco ends his betrayal once and for all. So ends the very first story of Doctor Who that is sadly missing from the archives. We can, however, enjoy it on disk and vinyl, as the soundtrack still exists. Perhaps one day, it might be animated and done proper justice.

Also available in “The Marco Polo Collection” at Redbubble:

Note: the images above are of low resolution for the purposes of this article only, as the actual image is high resolution, perfect for the prints available. This concludes the Marco Polo collection, made to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary.

It’s been my honor to celebrate a magnificent story in Doctor Who’s 60th year.

Rick Lundeen

Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection #7 — Final Battle

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