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New Doctor Who Teaser Hints We’ll Get a Full 60th Anniversary Trailer Later This Month

A new teaser for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials hints that there might be a full trailer for the series coming later this month — sometime around when the UK hosts Eurovision!

The teaser features David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, sheiling their eyes from a blinding light (which some people have posited could be caused by regeneration energy), as well as a backwards quote.

The first quote is the right way aroudn and says “This is the edge of creation” (which would make a great episode title), while the other is the Fourteenth Doctor saying, when played the right way around, “she mentioned Gallifrey”. You can see the full (albeit brief) teaser here.

Under the “Redacted” sign, it reads, “32025031NOISIVORUE”.

The right way around, it’s “EUROVISION13052023” — that is, Eurovision, 13/05/2023, the day the UK hosts the music competition on behalf of last year’s winners, Ukraine.

So we might expect a full trailer for the 60th anniversary in just under a week’s time. Alternatively, the BBC may instead reveal some news about the specials. We reckon we’re more likely to see a trailer, however, likely leading into Eurovision, as it would mean a massive audience (and feels like Russell T Davies’ style).

It’s great to see such publicity for Doctor Who again!

Philip Bates

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New Doctor Who Teaser Hints We’ll Get a Full 60th Anniversary Trailer Later This Month

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