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Out Now: Big Finish’s Doctor Who Once and Future — The Artist at the End of Time

Big Finish’s Doctor Who 60th anniversary celebrations continue in Once and Future: The Artist at the End of Time — starring Peter Davison and his real-life daughter, Georgia Tennant!

Of course, Georgia plays Jenny, the cloned daughter of the Tenth Doctor; she stars alongside Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Colin Baker as the Curator…

Here’s the synopsis:

The Doctor is in trouble, slipping through his different incarnations, after being caught up in the aftermath of a weapon in the Time War.

Suffering the effects of degeneration, the Doctor heads towards the end of the universe in search of answers. Instead, he finds his daughter – Jenny – and an Artist whose works appear to mark the end of every world they touch.

The Doctor stabilises into his Fifth form to join forces with Jenny and the Curator to solve the mystery of the Final Gallery and the art it has collected.

Georgia Tennant said:

“I have been bringing Jenny back through Big Finish for quite a while now and each time I do I can honestly say it’s the best part of my working year. To be able to collaborate with writers, directors, producers and actors on a show from the start is such a privilege and not something that happens very often.”

“I’m so honoured to have managed to carve out a little section of the Whoniverse with Jenny, I’m really glad the fans have allowed me and her to do that. Long may Doctor Who continue.”

Once and Future: The Artist at the End of Time, written by James Goss, is now available as a single-disc CD (and download) for £10.99, or digital download only (for £8.99). Or you can pre-order a bundle of all eight Once and Future audio adventures for £72 (on collector’s edition CD and download) or £60 (download only).

A special edition series bundle, which contains extended behind-the-scenes extras and music suites for each story, is also available to pre-order for £62 (as a digital download only).

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Out Now: Big Finish’s Doctor Who Once and Future — The Artist at the End of Time

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