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What Is Doom’s Day? Your Complete Guide to the Multi-Platform Doctor Who Event

More details have appeared on the merchandise soon to be released as part of this year’s multi-platform story Doom’s Day.

Said to be ‘the universe’s greatest assassin’, new character Doom has to embark on a 24 hour quest to find the Doctor, in the hope the Time Lord can save her from ‘the ever-approaching Death’.

It’s fair to say that the initial response to Doom’s Day back in March was less than positive, with the trailer a surprisingly cheap-looking affair considering Doctor Who has Disney’s bucks behind it now. Some fans rolled their eyes at the prospect of another multi-release story in the Time Lord Victorious mould, with others disappointed that the cryptically-trailed project wasn’t going to be a spin-off show. I couldn’t help thinking of Mrs Dooms-Paterson, the never-seen but formidable acquaintance Margot often complained about in classic sitcom The Good Life, which probably wasn’t what RTD and the team had in mind.

But all that aside, what’s in store if you follow Doom’s Day?

After kicking off on social media (though it appears the original early-June start date has slipped), a special comic book supplement in June’s Doctor Who Magazine #592 will get things underway, with the story seeing Doom released from prison and learning that Death is after her.

July will see two issues from Titan Comics in which Doom will encounter Missy. A graphic novel will follow later, with the cover image now showing on Amazon.

Doom will be matched up with the Second and Ninth Doctors in Extraction Point, a hardback novel by MG Harris. Set for publication in August, the book will cover hours 14 to 11 of Doom’s Jack Bauer-echoing task. The blurb tells us that Kraals will feature, along with a return visit to Satellite Five:

A brand-new original Doctor Who adventure featuring the Second and Ninth Doctors, connected to the transmedia project, Doom’s Day. It’s the Doctor’s universe, everyone else is just living in it. Or dying in it. The finest time-travelling assassin in the cosmos is running scared. Doom’s own death is coming for him in a matter of hours. And the only person in the universe who might just be able to save him is the Doctor – so long as it’s the right Doctor.

But as Doom searches for aid, the hits keep coming in. Kill a crabby Kraal and his replica world! Assassinate a ghost on Satellite Five! Eliminate a living asteroid! Doom finds his talents – and his patience – stretched to breaking point. But these apparently random jobs are linked in a way Doom could never imagine. And when not one but TWO different Doctors get involved, on the trail of an old enemy, the ensuing fireworks might just end the lives of billions. Can Doom solve the mystery before his allotted hours are up? It’s not only a planet he must save from destruction, but himself…

Four From Doom’s Day is an audio release in the same month which will be available on CD or vinyl, with the blurb promising four missions which will see Doom meet ‘former TARDIS travellers Ian and Barbara, the mighty Ice Warriors, and Brian the Ood. But when a mysterious stranger with silver hair and sunglasses turns up, will he be Doom’s salvation?’ Written by Darren Jones, the stories will be read by Doom actor Sooz Kemper, Jaye Griffiths, and Silas Carson.

Big Finish will be contributing an audio release in September; this will be a four-story full-cast box set with the adventures Dawn of Everlasting Peace by Jacqueline Rayner, A Date with Destiny by Robert Valentine, The Howling Wolves of Xan-Phear by Simon Clark, and The Crowd by Lizzie Hopley.

Doom’s Day will also feature in two storylines in the Lost in Time mobile game.

So what do you make of all this? Will you be buying any or all of the Doom’s Day releases? Or will you save your money for other merchandise in Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary year?

Jonathan Appleton

A regular Doctor Who viewer since Pertwee fought maggots and spiders, Jonathan isn't about to stop now. He considers himself lucky to have grown up in an era when Doctor Who, Star Trek and Blakes 7 could all be seen on primetime BBC1. As well as writing regularly for The Doctor Who Companion he's had chapters included in a couple of Blakes 7 books.

What Is Doom’s Day? Your Complete Guide to the Multi-Platform Doctor Who Event

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