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Who Is the Mysterious Actor Filming for the Doctor Who Series 14 Finale?

Fans are reporting that the Doctor Who production team are trying to hide the identity of someone filming scenes for the Doctor Who Series 14 finale.

One enigmatic actor had their hood up when being shepherded between their car and Cardiff City Hall, where the show is currently being filmed, while crew members were trying to hide who it was. On 20th June, the Doctor Who Filming Locations feed tweeted:

“There’s an actor on location that they really didn’t want us too [sic] see and covered all the way into the car.”

Naturally, there’s a lot of speculation about who it could be. Many think it’s simply Bonnie Langford, already announced as returning as Sixth and Seventh Doctor companion, Mel Bush. But Bonnie was reportedly seen entering the building later on in the morning, and mingled with the crowd, as did Fifteenth Doctor actor, Ncuti Gatwa, and Millie Gibson, who plays new companion, Ruby Sunday.

So, it’s likely an as-yet-unannounced actor.

Others think it could be Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones opposite David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in Series 3 and 4, as well as The End of Time. And some think, curiously enough, that it’s Georgia Tennant, who played the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, in, uh, The Doctor’s Daughter.

Those guesses seem to be based on the fact that the mysterious person on set is… shortish.

Okay, Doctor Who fans aren’t always too hot on guessing these types of things. Remember when no one could identify who was shooting with Pearl Mackie — only for it to turn out to be John Simm as the Master? Granted, he was under a lot of make-up, but the point still stands.

Yes, it could be a returning character. But equally, it could just be somebody famous who hasn’t been announced yet.

Either way, if the actor is filming on location, we’ll likely get an announcement soon. Or it might be better if their scenes are all indoors, and their identity is a complete surprise when Series 14 airs in 2024…

Philip Bates

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Who Is the Mysterious Actor Filming for the Doctor Who Series 14 Finale?

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