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Will Miriam Margolyes Voice Beep the Meep in Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special?

Rumours suggest that Miriam Margolyes will voice Beep the Meep, the cute bundle of terror, in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary episode, The Star Beast.

Theis hearsay has been doing the rounds for some months now — certainly since before Christmas — but earlier this month (June 2023), The Mirror added fuel to the fire with a jovial little snippet called “Miriam the Meep”. This claimed that a mysterious source told the paper:

“Beep the Meep was one of the most popular creations. Younger viewers will love Beep… but appearances can be deceptive and it’s as deadly as a Dalek or Cyberman.

“Miriam is the perfect choice to bring this new monster to the screen.”

Now, normally, we’d cast this aside because it feels like nonsense spiel, made up by anyone who can string two Doctor Who-related words together (“new monster”? Ish). However, this is The Mirror, and as we’ve highlighted before, that media outlet tends to get things right. If the BBC truly has a leak, that leak fills up The Mirror’s well.

Miriam Margoyles has, of course, starred in… well, a lot. Younger readers might recognise her from the Harry Potter franchise, where she played Professor Sprout. Anyone who’s allowed to watch TV past the watershed may know her for her foul-mouthed interviews on series like The Graham Norton Show. Others will be familiar with her work on The Age of Innocence, Babe, Little Dorrit, or Call the Midwife.

She’s not actually been confirmed as being in Doctor Who, although IMDb does list it as an upcoming credit on her profile (at least at the time of writing).

Meanwhile, Beep the Meep first appeared in Doctor Who and the Star Beast, a comic strip in Doctor Who Magazine. He definitely will be in The Star Beast — because we’ve seen him in the trailer!

(Featured art by Colin Howard.)

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Will Miriam Margolyes Voice Beep the Meep in Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special?

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