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Catherine Tate Recalls “Amazing Alchemy” of On-Screen Chemistry with David Tennant

Catherine Tate has spoken about her friendship with David Tennant (first known as the Tenth Doctor, but returning now as the Fourteenth Doctor).

Tate and Tennant, of course, both return for Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary specials, written by showrunner, Russell T Davies, and, when asked about her on-screen chemistry with David, Catherine said:

“I think it was just an accident, an amazing accident of alchemy. Because we got on set, we’ve never acted [together] before, we’ve barely met each other, and it kind of just happened.

“And Russell captures, I think, our energy and our speech patterns and our dynamic.

“It’s joyous and it is real, and we love it, and I don’t think either of us — in fact, I know neither of us ever expected to get another bite of the Doctor.”

Catherine’s character, Donna Noble, first appeared at the cliffhanger of Doomsday, with her first full episode being the 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride. Donna then returned for Series 4, and the Tenth Doctor’s swansong, The End of Time.

It’s rather lovely that the pair became so close, so quickly, but not a surprise: that chemistry really comes across on TV; which is one reason we’re so looking forward to seeing the Time Lord and Donna back in The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, and The Giggle in November 2023!

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Catherine Tate Recalls “Amazing Alchemy” of On-Screen Chemistry with David Tennant

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