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Jackie Tyler Guest Stars in the Final Diary of River Song Boxset from Big Finish

Big Finish’s popular The Diary of River Song range is coming to an end this August, as Alex Kingston returns as the noted archaeologist, Angel hunter, and wife of the Doctor.

The Diary of River Song series began in 2015 with an encounter between River and her future husband then played by Paul McGann. Since then, River has used her vortex manipulator to observe and interact with multiple Doctors, enemies, and aliens. This time, in The Orphan Quartet, she’ll meet up with Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri), mother of Rose, and come up against the Krotons. Unlikely, sure, but that’s sort of what Big Finish do…

In the forthcoming box set, Professor Song takes a trip to a smugglers’ inn on the Cornish coast in the 18th Century, visits the wreckage of the planet Earth, gatecrashes her own honeymoon, and investigates a health spa run by, yes, the Krotons. Here’s the synopsis:

An old enemy hides beyond the universe, a desolate Cornish inn confronts the truth, a grieving mother holds onto a deadly memento of war, and has the Earth failed to notice it’s been invaded? Professor River Song must solve all this while dealing with a loss of her own.

The final four stories in the Diary of River Song series are:

  • The Excise Men by Lou Morgan
  • Harvest of the Krotons by James Goss
  • Dead Man Talking by Tim Foley
  • The Wife of River Song by Lizzie Hopley

Producer James Goss said:

“It’s an absolute privilege to unite Three Great Queens of Doctor Who – River Song, Jackie Tyler, and The Krotons. The Krotons are back and they’re running a health farm! Who better to investigate than River and Jackie?

“If you were wondering about Jackie’s unlikely friendship with Mrs Song at Number 23 (in The Lives of Captain Jack volume 3) then here’s the answer. It was the kind of day in studio you can only dream of as one of Doctor Who’s most beloved monsters met the Krotons – will Jackie Tyler become a High Brain?”

The Diary of River Song: The Orphan Quartet is now available to pre-order as a four-disc box set (on CD and download) for £29.99 and as a digital download (£22.99).

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Jackie Tyler Guest Stars in the Final Diary of River Song Boxset from Big Finish

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