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Candy Jar Books Announce Two New Books for Lucy Wilson, the Brigadier’s Granddaughter

Candy Jar is set to release the next two books in the Lucy Wilson range simultaneously: Apocalypse Tomorrow and The Web of Terror.

Lucy Wilson is the granddaughter of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, and stars in a number of books that are perfect for young and old readers alike.

Apocalypse Tomorrow, co-written by debutant Steven Walton and range editor Shaun Russell, serves as the epic conclusion to The Mystery of Lucy Wilson arc, which has seen Lucy separated from her best friend Hobo by the small matter of several decades and one apocalypse.

The Young Adult novel finds our heroes transported to their most alien setting yet: 1990s Cool Britannia.

Here’s the blurb for The Mystery of Lucy Wilson: Apocalypse Tomorrow:

Lucy Wilson’s adventures in time have taken her to some strange places. Dangerous places, faraway places… But none so strange and alien as where she finds herself now… The 1990s.

Pokémon battle in the schoolyards. Tamagotchi roam the streets. And a giant spider from a ruined future looks to spark an apocalypse that, technically, has already happened.

Timelines converge and realities shattered as Lucy’s exile in time reaches its epic climax. And in the end, it all comes down to one question: who’s better, 2Unlimited or Adamski?

Serving as a coda to this storyline, The Web of Terror, co-authored by Paul W Robinson and Shaun Russell, starts off on more familiar ground: Lucy’s home in sleepy Ogmore-by-Sea. But humanity’s last line of defence doesn’t get many off days: soon she’s confronted by a foe from her past. Or more precisely, several of her pasts…

So here’s the blurb for The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Web of Terror:

Lucy Wilson thought that her run-in with killer spiders was over after her time in Australia! But soon strange happenings on Ogmore-by-Sea beach set her skin crawling once again…

Still, whether trapped in a spaceship, abducted by a familiar face, or hunted by space pandas, Lucy’s just glad to have her best friend Hobo back by her side.

But the past has a way of catching up with you. Can Lucy escape the enemy that she thought she’d left behind long ago?

With the arc juggling multiple timelines and locations, tying a bow on this storyline soon spilled over the bounds of a single book, which prompted the decision to release these novels simultaneously.

Shaun explains:

“On one level, Apocalypse Tomorrow and The Web of Terror are two very different stories. What unites them, however, is that they see the characters of Lucy and Hobo rediscovering themselves – both as individuals and as a team. At this point, they’ve been separated for several books, and their reunion is not straightforward. We didn’t want to provide the readers with the setup while withholding the payoff; by the conclusion of these stories, we’re ready to kick of a distinct new phase in Lucy and Hobo’s adventures. But as we needed both novels to get there, we decided, why not release them together?”

It’s an ambitious conclusion, which sees (at least) three different timelines collide. But as co-author Steven Walton says, that’s just one of the exciting aspects of writing for these characters:

“Time travel, intergalactic spaceships, multidimensional beings… It’s all just a day in the life for Lucy Wilson! It’s the nature of storytelling to take a character from one familiar situation, and into a strange new one – and there’s no characters where you have more scope to do so! We went as big as possible with these stories, particularly with the conclusion of Apocalypse. But I think most of all I enjoyed playing with the idea of Lucy being dropped into the 1990s, a place somehow all the stranger for its seeming familiarity.”

Tying up a few loose ends, The Web of Terror also sends Lucy on her very first adventure to an alien planet. Paul says:

“I felt it was about time that Lucy and Hobo travelled beyond the earth’s atmosphere. It was fascinating creating a brand new world, while thrusting Lucy into her very own Hunger Games–style mystery.”

Candy Jar has put together a Spotify list for Apocalypse Tomorrow featuring all your favourites ’90s hits.

You can pre-order Apocalypse Tomorrow and The Web of Terror now from Candy Jar!

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Candy Jar Books Announce Two New Books for Lucy Wilson, the Brigadier’s Granddaughter

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