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Big Finish’s Torchwood Travels Forward to The Impossible Planet Era, With the Return of the Ood

The Ood are back in a trilogy of audio Torchwood stories featuring characters first seen in the 2006 Doctor Who TV story, The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit.

Odyssey, Oodunnit, and Oracle will wrap up this year’s run of Torchwood tales from Big Finish.

Odyssey, by Patrick O’Connor, sees the return of Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook). Ida Scott has spent her life running from her father. But now she’s come looking for him. The Spire is an ancient relic left behind by The Resilient – a mysterious race who warped both gravity and time. Odysseus Scott lies dying in a bed in The Spire. He believes it will cure him. But are The Resilient really dead?

November’s release is James Goss’s Oodunnit, a murder mystery starring Shaun Parkes as Zachary Cross Flane. Who would murder an Ood? In the 43rd Century, all the Earth Empire’s waste goes to the recycling world of Paraglas IV. But has something else been sent there? Something worth killing for? The Torchwood Archive sends Zachary Cross Flane to investigate, and he uncovers a terrible secret. The Empire has a use for everyone, even after death.

And finally, Ronny Jhutti returns as Danny Bartock in Oracle, by Ash Darby, due for release in
December. In the 43rd Century, the height of the Earth Empire. A ship from 1000 years in the future has
crashed on a lava world and is calling for help. How dangerous is the knowledge it offers? The Torchwood Archive sends Danny Bartock. Because only an ethicist can save humanity from the future.

Producer James Goss said:

“For this Ood trilogy script editor Tim Foley suggested we follow the game of Rock Paper Scissors, so each part of the trilogy looks at a different aspect of humanity’s future.

“We start on a world where the seas are rock; in Oodunnit, we visit the Empire’s recycling planet; and, finally, in Oracle we find out if truth is the sharpest knife of all. Who will be the winner?

“The trilogy sees the return of Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook), Zachary Cross Flane (Shaun Parkes), and Danny Bartok (Ronny Jhutti) from The Impossible Planet. Plus, Silas Carson as the Ood. It was an absolute delight to get all of them back in – we’ve managed to investigate the Ood differently across the trilogy, plus we also get to hear how the survivors of The Impossible Planet are dealing with the events of that story.”

Each of the three audio adventures is available to pre-order as a CD and download (for £10.99 each) or as a download only (£8.99). A six-release Torchwood bundle, including the above three titles, plus Launch Date, Sigil, and Dog Hop, is available for £60 (CD and download) or £50 (download only).

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Big Finish’s Torchwood Travels Forward to The Impossible Planet Era, With the Return of the Ood

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