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Peter Capaldi: “I Think Ncuti Gatwa Is Amazing”

Peter Capaldi has spoken about how much support David Tennant and Matt Smith gave him when he was announced as the Twelfth Doctor, and revealed that he’s already spoken to Fifteenth Doctor actor, Ncuti Gatwa, about the role.

When asked about how he feels about Doctor Who‘s future, Capaldi replied:

“I love Doctor Who and I look forward to watching the 60th [anniversary] and Ncuti, I think, is amazing. I’m so excited to see what he does… There are only a few — well, 14 people, who have done this and there are specific challenges to it and it’s a specific world and there’s only 14 people who have been at the heart of that. It’s interesting to hear what they have to say about it.

“David and Matt were very good at helping me with advice and chat and were always there if I wanted to talk to them and stuff. Ncuti was very open to hearing what it was like. I just think he’ll be great.

“We’d met at the Scottish BAFTAs and we exchanged texts and I was on the train home and I was texting him and he was texting me and then we found out we were on the same train! So then he joined us, that was great.”

That’s a fantastic coincidence!

Smith, of course, played the Eleventh Doctor, handing the baton over to Capaldi at the end of The Time of the Doctor, while Tennant played the Tenth Doctor. He also plays the Fourteenth Doctor. And the Metacrisis Doctor. Crikey. These things get complicated, don’t they?

Oh, and the Doctor only took on the Twelfth Doctor’s face because he recalled what Tenth Doctor companion, and Fourteenth Doctor companion, Donna Noble, told him, in order to hold him to account.

Even more complicated!

Still, always nice to get the vote of confidence from Peter, who is such an incredible Doctor and much missed.

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Peter Capaldi: “I Think Ncuti Gatwa Is Amazing”

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