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Ncuti Gatwa Describes His First Filmed Scene as a “Pivotal Point” in Doctor Who Series 14

Talk about being thrown into the deep end: Ncuti Gatwa has revealed that the first scene he filmed as the Fifteenth Doctor is a “pivotal point” in the new series of Doctor Who.

But, of course, Gatwa was more than up to the task, wowing onlookers.

Talking to GQ Magazine, Gatwa teased that the first thing he did for the programme is “the final scene in episode five”, and went on:

“People will remember that scene. You have to dig deep and pull out something that will blow everyone on this set away – and I bloody well did.

“I heard someone say: ‘That’s why he’s the Doctor.'”

It’s going to be really interesting to look back at this interview later in 2024, once Series 14 episode 5 was aired…

And this is, naturally, very exciting stuff!

Still, it makes you wonder about Ncuti’s involvement in the 60th anniversary specials, otherwise starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor, as he’s been seen in the trailer for the episodes. We’re inferring, then, that his scenes for the 60th were slotted in between filming for Series 14.

Either way, we don’t have too long to wait: Doctor Who returns to TV on 25th November 2023 with The Star Beast, then two further anniversary episodes, a Christmas special introducing the Fifteenth Doctor properly, and either more episodes in spring 2024 for Series 14.

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Ncuti Gatwa Describes His First Filmed Scene as a “Pivotal Point” in Doctor Who Series 14

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