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The Daleks Return in This Year’s Children in Need Fourteenth Doctor Scene

The brand new Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) scene for Children in Need will also feature the Daleks, and will be accompanied by a special behind-the-scenes clip of Doctor Who Unleashed. We’re teased that the scene will be about the Doctor uncovering an age-old mystery involving one of his oldest foes…

For Children in Need, the Fourteenth Doctor has an encounter with a mysterious new character, played by actor and comedian, Mawaan Rizwan — who, interestingly, is wearing classic Skaro garb as seen in Genesis of the Daleks. Might we be travelling back to the creation of the Daleks once more?

David Tennant said: 

“Every year that I was on Doctor Who we did something for BBC Children in Need, so it only feels right to be doing something this year. Children in Need is a national tradition, it’s certainly a BBC tradition and Doctor Who is part of that. I’m so glad we’re able to give Children in Need viewers this little extra treat.”

Mawaan Rizwan said

“It was such an unbelievable joy to work with my Whoniverse idols David Tennant and Russell T Davies. My inner child was losing his mind on set.”

Viewers will also get a glimpse at the creation of the scene, as Doctor Who: Unleashed will also feature a special treat as part of the broadcast with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

Russell T Davies, showrunner and writer of the scene, says

“Doctor Who has a fine tradition of supporting BBC Children in Need, and I hope that fans and new viewers alike will be able to watch, enjoy, and contribute to this wonderful cause.”

Tune in to BBC Children in Need at 7pm on Friday 17th November to see the Fourteenth Doctor in his first adventure on BBC One and iPlayer.

Both the exclusive scene, and an extended look behind the making of it, will also be found in the Whoniverse on iPlayer.

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The Daleks Return in This Year’s Children in Need Fourteenth Doctor Scene

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