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Russell T Davies Promises “the Most Magnificent Finale Ever” for Doctor Who Series 14

With a new year tantalisingly close, and a new Doctor and companion team raring to go, it’s only natural that thoughts turn to the future of Doctor Who — so what does Series 14, the first full run of episodes with Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor, have in store for us?

Showrunner, Russell T Davies, promises we’ll see “the most magnificent finale ever” as the mystery of Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) unravels. He said:

“[Ruby] was named after the church on Ruby Road which does carry over into the series itself. Not every question is answered in [The Church on Ruby Road, as we’ve seen] and that continues all the way through to the most magnificent finale ever shot on planet Earth. No hype! I swear that’s true.

“Actually an awful lot of [her backstory] is dumped into Episode One of the new series. I found that the Christmas story is so strong that I found it was an impossible weight to carry the entire introduction of a companion to the Doctor.”

And of course, we’ve got the mystery of Mrs Flood to follow too…

We don’t know a great deal about the Series 14 finale, although it’s expected to be a two-part adventure, likely featuring UNIT in contemporary London — at least we’ve inferred that much, given that it also stars returning companion, Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford), last seen in The Giggle working under Kate Stewart.

It’ll also be written by Davies. We reckon there will be aliens involved as well. Call it an educated guess.

Lots more of the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby to come…

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Russell T Davies Promises “the Most Magnificent Finale Ever” for Doctor Who Series 14

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