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Millie Gibson Is Auditioning for New Work — But That Doesn’t Mean She’s Leaving Doctor Who

Millie Gibson has said that she is auditioning for new acting work, sparking fears that she’s leaving her Doctor Who role as new companion, Ruby Sunday — but that might not be the case at all.

Gibson said:

“I think, now that the [actor and writers’] strike’s over, I’ll probably be auditioning again for parts and seeing what’s out there.

“Every year has seen such change for me, it’s hard to think what might come next. I’d like to play a villain… If not that, I think I’m really intrigued by biopic roles that you really need to research. I think that would be a great challenge. I don’t know, I’m just excited to see what’s to come.”

Yes, that does sound as if she’s leaving Doctor Who, but don’t take that at face value.

As it is, she and Ncuti Gatwa (the Fifteenth Doctor) seem to have filmed two seasons of Who together already, so we should be in for at least 17 episodes with the pair (i.e. two series of eight episodes, plus a 2024 Christmas special); but one of the reasons those two series have been shot so close to one another might be to allow Gatwa and Gibson time to do other projects before returning to Doctor Who for a third series.

Of course, it would also allow Bad Wolf Studios, and showrunner Russell T Davies, to work on spin-off shows like the rumoured Sea Devil programme, The War Between The Land And The Sea.

Nonetheless, Millie’s comments could signal that she’s left or is leaving Who; two seasons as a companion is pretty good going. So either way, we still have plenty more adventures with the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby to come!

Philip Bates

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Millie Gibson Is Auditioning for New Work — But That Doesn’t Mean She’s Leaving Doctor Who

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