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Russell T Davies Promises “A Lot More to Come” for Ruby’s Adoption Story in Doctor Who Series 14

Showrunner, Russell T Davies, has teased that there were more people in the scene in which Ruby Sunday was dropped off at The Church on Ruby Road as a baby than we’ve seen.

Indeed, the mystery of who left Ruby at the church will unravel across Doctor Who Series 14.

In the Doctor Who video commentary for The Church on Ruby Road, he said:

“The story that we’re kicking off here about the adoption and having been fostered and then adopted and being a foundling actually runs through the entire series. This one’s quite a fable – the foundling on the church doorstep in the snow. That story then continues into the series – we come back to that church. There’s all sorts of things… there were people in those scenes you don’t know were there. There’s a lot more to come.”

This isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s interesting that there were more onlookers than we knew of — all we saw was the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa), whoever Ruby’s mother is, and arguably the Goblins and their King.

So we’ll revisit the church again soon, it seems.

Series 14, of course, is the first run of episodes to feature Gatwa as the Doctor, alongside Millie Gibson as his new companion.

But who do we think her mother is? Rumours abound — everyone from River Song to Kate Stewart (that’s who my money’s on) — but obviously it might be a character we’ve yet to meet, or one who has only just been introduced like Mrs Flood, played by Anita Dobson (who curiously knows what the TARDIS is)…

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Russell T Davies Promises “A Lot More to Come” for Ruby’s Adoption Story in Doctor Who Series 14

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