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Producer, Joel Collins: “Each Episode of Doctor Who Series 14 Is a Rollercoaster Ride”

Now that we’re in February, thoughts are naturally turning to Doctor Who Series 14, which is set to air later this year — and one producer has promised “a rollercoaster ride”

Joel Collins has been an executive producer on Doctor Who since Russell T Davies returned as showrunner, and has been interviewed by SFX magazine. The publication asked about the Series 14 finale, and Collins enthused:

“It’s an amazing ending. Every episode of season one is like a rollercoaster ride… [The series has been] amazing to make. I mean, amazing for us all to go on individual journeys through the episodes, and they culminate in something fantastic. And it’s gonna be really fun for the audience.

“The audience needs to keep a keen eye out for amazing fun Easter eggs and things that are going to layer through the season.”

And with The Church on Ruby Road having screened on Christmas Day, introducing Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor to his new companion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), we’ve already seen some threads that will surely be pulled upon through the next season of the show — namely the question of Ruby’s parents and of Mrs Flood (Anita Dobson), who went through a curious change in the festive special and ended the story by acknowledging the TARDIS (and the audience, breaking the fourth wall).

We’ve heard a lot about the Series 14 finale, with Davies teasing big things too; so far, however, we don’t know loads about the story, except that Bonnie Langford will be in it as Mel Bush. Presumably, this means UNIT will also be in the serial.

Doctor Who Series 14 airs later this year, with the finale screening at the start of the summer.

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Producer, Joel Collins: “Each Episode of Doctor Who Series 14 Is a Rollercoaster Ride”

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