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Nicola Coughlan Says Ncuti Gatwa Is an “Incredible” Doctor in Christmas Special

Derry Girls actress, Nicola Coughlan, has confirmed that she’s in the Christmas special of Doctor Who and has enthused that Ncuti Gatwa is “incredible” as the Fifteenth Doctor.

Talking on The One Show, Coughlan said:

“It’s really exciting. I got the call from Russell T Davies [showrunner], and he was like, ‘Come and hang out with us in Cardiff’, and I was like, ‘Okay! I know nothing, but I will come.’

“I tried to read the Doctor Who Wikipedia page, and that’s, like, a novel in itself. So I don’t think I’m going to get from the 1960s to now in my head.

“But [Gatwa] is incredible in the role… It was very fun. I think it was meant to be a secret that it was Christmas, but then Russell told everyone.”

Indeed, Nicola is due to be in this year’s festive special, expected to air on Christmas Day, though details of her character and the plot are pretty non-existent right now. She was seen filming in Wales last year.

Following her success in Derry Girls, Coughlan has been in a number of high-profile projects including Bridgerton, Barbie, and Dodger (which stars Ninth Doctor actor, Christopher Eccleston, as Fagin).

We hope, at least, that, among her research for the role, the DWC popped up and she gave us a glance too…

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Nicola Coughlan Says Ncuti Gatwa Is an “Incredible” Doctor in Christmas Special

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