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Doctor Who Magazine Reveals First Look at The Beatles in Series 14 (HELP!)

The four actors who portray The Beatles in Doctor Who Series 14 are on the cover of the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, alongside Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday. And if you’re a fan of The Beatles, we advise you look away now.

The Fab Four are going to be featured in The Devil’s Chord, the second episode of Series 14, played by George Caple (Paul McCartney), James Hoyles (Ringo Starr), Philip Davies (George Harrison), and Chris Mason (John Lennon). And look, we’re sure they’re great chaps and everything, but crikey.

Take a look at the cover. Channel that meme of the cartoon dog in a burning house saying “this is fine.” (Or perhaps “I Feel Fine“.)

Man, Vincent and the Doctor was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

Some people have pointed out that the fact they don’t look even remotely like The Beatles might be the whole point. Heck, maybe the real McCartney will rock up at the end and carry us into Eurovision with a rousing rendition of Hey Jude that they’ll have to edit down for running waaaaaaay over time. But come on. Like, come on.

It’s rather ironic that an episode apparently about The Beatles isn’t actually going to be an homage to one of the biggest most influential artists of all time.

Let’s be optimistic, though. Millie Gibson previously revealed that The Devil’s Chord is her favourite so far. Please Doctor Who — don’t let me down…

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Doctor Who Magazine Reveals First Look at The Beatles in Series 14 (HELP!)

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