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Can You Help Fund a New Fan-Made Doctor Who Film, Dr Who Meets the Scorpion?

A brand new fan made Doctor Who film is on the way! Dr Who meets the Scorpion sees the Doctor meet a new friend Jennie and face off against the evil Scorpion in a 70 minute fan film, promising plenty of thrills and spills, adventure, monsters — and, of course… Daleks.

But to make the film happen, the creators are crowd funding the new film and have, at the time of writing, have made around £850 of their total funds.

As with all crowd funded projects, there are rewards for either band. Donating £100 will get you an Executive Producer credit and donating £200 will get you the credit and an invite to an exclusive cinema premiere of the film as well as entry to the Q&A afterwards at its venue in Cardiff.

Looking at the images on the fund page, it is very in keeping with the two popular Peter Cushing movies and they’ve completed around 45 minutes of the film with a following 20 minutes yet to be completed; however, they have a TARDIS interior to build and more sets for a climatic finale — none of which unfortunately come cheap. But from the trailer, it looks like a great project to donate a little money towards — you don’t need to donate the £100; anything is accepted.

The film stars Phillip Roy as the Doctor as well as the writer and director of the project, plus Mandy Rose as Jennie. The cast includes Lucas Edwards as the titular Scorpion and Brian Smith as Mr. Taylor with more cast to be confirmed. All the recorded scenes look amazing and it would be a shame if the project couldn’t be finished.

Jordan Shortman

Can You Help Fund a New Fan-Made Doctor Who Film, Dr Who Meets the Scorpion?

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 1 min
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