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Russell T Davies Says Doctor Who Series 14’s Empire of Death Is “The Most Devastating Finale”

Showrunner, Russell T Davies, has promised that there’s an undercurrent to Doctor Who Series 14 that builds to the “Most Devastating Finale”, i.e. Empire of Death.

Though he promises “every episode stands on its own”, Davies says:

“[There will be a] running theme and running story that’s going to build and build and build to ‘The Most Devastating Finale’.

“Literally, the biggest finale ever. There’s some shots of that in the trailers coming up. Oh my God, you’re gonna die.”

Of course, we’re well used to hyperbole, especially about series finales. Davies does seem to give his all to finales though — Series 1 had the Ninth Doctor up against the Daleks with the fate of mankind at stake; Series 2 pitted Daleks against Cybermen for the very first time; Series 3 gave us The Year That Never Was, under the rule of the Master; and Series 4 found Davros and the Daleks planning to unravel the atoms of space-time.

Based on the title of the penultimate episode of Doctor Who Series 14 — The Legend of Ruby Sunday — we might be in for a companion-centric story.

And it looks like the mystery of who Ruby’s birth parents are will unravel across Series 14.

Doctor Who Series 14 begins airing and streaming from 11th May 2024 in the UK and from 10th May in America.

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Russell T Davies Says Doctor Who Series 14’s Empire of Death Is “The Most Devastating Finale”

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