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The Return of The Moment from The Day of the Doctor? Russell T Davies Teases Moffat’s New Who

Since Steven Moffat was confirmed as returning to write an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, we’ve been getting very excited — and that’s been compounded by showrunner, Russell T Davies, teasing three obscure words that relate to the story. And one of them, it could be inferred, related to the 50th anniversary special.

As used to be typical for Davies, he’s given us three words to tease Moffat’s Series 14 episode, named Boom. Those words are:

“Antelope. Moment. Drums.”

Now, “antelope” could be anything. Well, okay, it could be antelopes. Probably is. Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply too much. “Drums” brings The Sound of Drums, i.e. the beat in the Master’s head, to mind. And “Moment”, of course, makes think of The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary episode written by Moffat.

The Moment was a planet-destroyer, capable of ending the Time War by wiping out the Daleks and the Time Lords in one go. But it had developed a conscience, expressed in The Day of the Doctor through the image of Rose Tyler (or Bad Wolf anyway). It pricked at the consciences of the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors, not to mention John Hurt’s War Doctor incarnation.

So will we see the Moment again in Boom?

No. Well, probably not. Davies knows what he’s doing y throwing us this bone, but because of that, it’s likely to put us on the back foot and divert us from what the episode is actually about.

Still, it’s fun to speculate. And we don’t have too long to speculate for either: Doctor Who Series 14 begins airing and streaming from 11th May 2024 (in the UK) with Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord, available on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ before screening on BBC1.

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The Return of The Moment from The Day of the Doctor? Russell T Davies Teases Moffat’s New Who

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