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Ncuti Gatwa Implies He’s Staying as the Fifteenth Doctor in a Third Season of Doctor Who

It sounds like Ncuti Gatwa will be staying on for a third series of Doctor Who, following this year’s 8-episode run, next year’s season, and (presumably) at least two further Christmas specials.

In an interview with Attitude, Gatwa says he’s taking a break “in between [series]”, instead of moving on after filming Doctor Who this year. He says:

“I think this year my break will be to do something different creatively in between. Or another project, just, like, another character. That will be my mental break in between. But I dunno. We’ll see. We’ll see whether I work or take a holiday.”

Yes, this is jumping the gun somewhat, considering his first season — Doctor Who Series 14 — hasn’t even aired yet, but it’s always nice to hear that actors have their sights set on the future of the show, not least because it means he’s enjoying his time filming!

And of course, this could all be subterfuge. The NDAs that cast members have to sign would mean Gatwa couldn’t tell anyone he’s leaving the show before it’s announced anyway.

Nonetheless, we feel this is a genuine sentiment; it would fit in with the general consensus, that they’re shooting Series 14 and 15 close together in order to give major cast members like Ncuti time to do other projects before coming back.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait. This is a good sign though!

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Ncuti Gatwa Implies He’s Staying as the Fifteenth Doctor in a Third Season of Doctor Who

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