Dalek Operator Sacked From Doctor Who Magazine For Sneaking Offensive Message in Magazine

A Dalek operator and Doctor Who Magazine writer was exterminated from the publication after he hid a crude message about his employers within the magazine.

Nicholas Pegg, who wrote under the pen name The Watcher, strategically placed a letter at the start of each paragraph so that the piece spelt out a message to publishers Panini and BBC Worldwide featuring the C-word.

The article entitled ‘A History of Dr Who in 100 Objects’ ended with the sentence “If you look hard enough there is always something hidden in plain sight”.

The acrostic read “Panini and BBC Worldwide are c***s”.

Understandably, Panini weren’t too impressed with the disgruntled outburst and Pegg was dismissed.

BBC Worldwide told The Mirror:

“The matter was raised with the publisher who have dismissed the writer.”

It’s unclear exactly what grudge he held against Panini and the owners of the Doctor Who brand although speculation points towards the BBC’s reluctance to release a DVD of the unaired serial Shada or in this Bleeding Cool piece, suggest his actions may have been against the increasingly draconian rule of BBC Worldwide who, along with removing negative content directed towards the brand or any political opinion which could be regarded as bias, which would breached their guidelines, also demanded cuts to DWM, including The Watcher’s column of which no. 87 would be the last.

Pegg who worked for 12 years as a Dalek operator was not scheduled to take up the role again in the new series.