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DWC: Launching on 26th March

“Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!”
We’re pleased to announce that The Doctor Who Companion will launch March 26th 2016!
Firstly, thank you for your patience. We understand that it’s been a long wait since we first welcomed you to DWC and your kind words of encouragement and eager anticipation have been greatly received.
Seriously, thank you so much.
We never intended to leave you bereft of Doctor Who related goodness for too long and now, on the day when the show returned to our screens 11 years ago with Rose, we’re going to make our own humble return to doing what we love.
So who exactly are we? Well, basically, we’re just fans, and we love writing about Doctor Who. In fact, we’ve been writing daily news, thought-provoking features and opinion pieces, and considered reviews over at Kasterborous for several years before striking out and launching this, our very own site.
And, oh you sexy thing, look at it! It’s gorgeous! It’s so white! Look at all that white! So much unencumbered space! How novel…
Anyway, with the anniversary coming up, it got us thinking about some of Doctor Who’s greatest moments of change and renewal; the moments in history where everything and seemingly nothing altered all at once – basically, the bittersweet endings and brand new beginnings.
So tasking our esteemed writers, most of whom have joined us from the various ages of Kasterborous, we’ve dedicated our launch week to exploring ‘beginnings’ – that’s a full weekend of feature articles devoted to making the best of the first times.
Carrying on over weekend and into the week, we’ll have the biggest news stories each day, a few exclusive interviews, and reviews dedicated to Big Finish releases, Titan Comics, and the latest book releases too.
However, it doesn’t end there.
Each new week brings with it another theme and another chance for us to share our love with you, dear reader, on subjects as diverse as Big Finish, the Classic DVD range and a host of others that we can’t reveal just yet because we’re mean like that… Spoilers!
While we can’t always promise the same level of material in the coming weeks as the launch weekend (what can we say, we’re showing off), what we can promise is that you’ll always find something interesting and exciting to engage with, whatever your entry point into Doctor Who may be.
So please, won’t you join us on March 26th when we launch The Doctor Who Companion with our very first theme week, ‘Beginnings’…

Andrew Reynolds

DWC: Launching on 26th March

by Andrew Reynolds time to read: 2 min
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