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Out Now: Torchwood: Zone 10

Toshiko Sato is ready for action! Naoko Mori is back in the next instalment of Torchwood: Series 2!
The next in Big Finish’s second series of audio dramas, Torchwood: Zone 10 sees the return of Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato – and chronicles her voyage to the wastelands of Russia to uncover a deadly alien threat. A threat that draws her into an uneasy alliance with the Russian equivalent of Torchwood, the KVI.
Outside the Kremlin, beyond the President. A secret institute created by his majesty Tsar Nicholas II to defend the Motherland from unknowable evil. The 20th Century changed everything – but the KVI are still ready…
The full synopsis reads:
They call it “Pulse” – a radio signal which has puzzled the world for 40 years. But now Toshiko Sato has solved it.
She’s uncovered a message which leads her to Russia, and into an uneasy alliance with the KVI – the Russian equivalent of Torchwood. Toshiko needs to get into Zone 10 – a frozen wasteland which officially doesn’t exist.
An intergalactic war was once fought in Zone 10. And it turns out there’s a survivor.
Based on the beloved Doctor Who spin-off series created by Russell T Davies, Big Finish’s range of Torchwood audios continues the legacy of Earth’s greatest defenders, with new stories set in and around the original TV show.
Written by David Llewellyn, and starring Naoko Mori, Krystian Godlewski, Ella Garland and Geoffrey Breton, Torchwood: Zone 10 is available to buy and download today, introducing powerful new players into the Torchwood mythology – and a danger that will plague the team for years to come…
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Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Torchwood: Zone 10

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