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#FollowFriday: Andrew-Mark Thompson

It’s Friday! (Just about.) So it’s time, once again, to turn our gaze to Twitter; while some weep uncontrollably at the mere mention of the social network (pull yourselves together!), others actively embrace the sheer nuttiness of tweeting. This is where we tell those deluded fools which Doctor Who-related folk who to follow.
As it’s Big Questions Week at the DWC, we’re highlighting someone who frequently addresses perhaps the biggest question of all: what do you do when you’ve got too much time on your hands what’s Doctor Who like in a parallel universe?
It’s Andrew-Mark Thompson!
This copy writer and graphic designer shares his talent with the world, tweeting various comical images of what cult TV might be like if we visited another dimension. Maybe the one in Inferno, maybe Pete’s World, or maybe one where Don’t Scare The Hare was a massive success. We’re too scared to find out. On his blog, he says:

“I have been employed as a shop assistant, actor, SFX designer, writer, museum guide, radio presenter, puppeteer, dancer (!), call centre operator, graphic designer, drop-in centre manager, theme park manager and goat wrangler.”

Thompson’s hilarious array of images has attracted over 1,600 followers, including TV writers Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts, and Phil Ford; former-DWM editor, Clayton Hickman; and the Doctor Who Fan Show. And yes, most of his tweets are about the universe’s best sci-fi show.

His Famous Five tweets have proved a recent favourite.

And other shows are not safe either.

Okay, so we’re advising you to follow him, but his “Baby Doll” stuff is bloody terrifying. No, seriously.

If Mary Whitehouse has qualms with Terror of the Autons, we dread to think what she’d say about those tweets.
Follow Andrew-Mark @Andydrewz.

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#FollowFriday: Andrew-Mark Thompson

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