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Rare 1966 Dalek Sold at Auction For £38,000

A rare 1966 Dalek has sold for more than £38,000 after attracting bids from around the world in a film and TV memorabilia auction.
The lot, which was sold yesterday at Bamford’s in Derby, was part of one man’s avid collection, whose wife said he had to part with so the couple could downsize.
Auctioneer James Lewis told the BBC that about 30 people “fiercely contested” the prop and believes “it’s a record for the highest price ever sold”.
The huge collection of Doctor Who items which included  a Thal space suit costume from the 1973 story Planet of the Daleks, an Ice Warrior costume from the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon, and a Mara Snake Effigy from the 1983 story Snakedance sold for almost £90,000 in total.
An anonymous man from London bought the Dalek, beating bids from America, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.
Lewis added:
“£38,500 is an incredible price – more than double what was expected. It’s beaten the record set in 2005, which stood at just over £36,000.
“I think the Dalek would have been back in use exterminating its owner if he hadn’t agreed to sell his collection.”
The Dalek in question featured in the 1966’s Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 AD and was one of three given away by Sugar Puffs in a competition to tie in with the release of the film. It was originally silver but has been repainted red and it also made an appearance on the 1992 BBC show Summer Scene, where it chased a young Rob Brydon around the Ebbw Vale Garden Festival of Wales.

The other lots included a Cyberman costumer from 1982’s Earthshock that sold for £2,000 and a TARDIS from a stage show that fetched £1,000.
Prior to the auction, the seller’s wife said:
“There’s no way that we can accommodate all of these things. The last thing I want is a Dalek in the bedroom…Everything has to go. We don’t want any of it back.
“I’m locking my husband in a straitjacket in the garden shed so he can’t bid on any of it again.”
Poor chap…

Andrew Reynolds

Rare 1966 Dalek Sold at Auction For £38,000

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