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Out Now: Torchwood – Moving Target

They keep killing Suzie! Fortunately, from that sentence, you can deduce that she keeps coming back to life too. And Ms. Costello is back once more for the latest Torchwood release from Big Finish.
Moving Target, directed by Scott Handcock, is the fourth release of Torchwood‘s second series from the audio company, and sees Indira Varma returning to the role she first played in 2006. She’s joined by Naomi McDonald as Alex, and Nicholas Burns as The Referee. Here’s what to expect from Moving Target:

Suzie Costello would never describe herself as a hero. Not even if she were the last woman on Earth. Turns out, she’s the second last woman on Earth, and that’ll just have to do.

With the Earth frozen in time, Suzie becomes locked in a battle to save the planet and the life of Alex, the last woman alive. Hunted by alien warriors, and, with every hour that doesn’t pass, the stakes are only getting higher.

Suzie Costello would never describe herself as a hero. But she would say she’s someone who always makes the right choices. Wouldn’t she?

The story is written by Guy Adams, who has written for Titan’s Sherlock Holmes novels (The Breath of God; The Army of Dr. Moreau), two Torchwood books (The House That Jack Built; The Men Who Sold The World), and More Than This, a Torchwood audio drama starring Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper. He’s also written the upcoming Torchwood: Outbreak boxset alongside Emma Reeves and AK Benedict.
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Moving Target is available now, exclusively from the Big Finish website for £9.99 until 31st August when it goes on general release.

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Out Now: Torchwood – Moving Target

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