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Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story: The Band of Evil

You know what’s really cool about the Lethbridge-Stewart books? Well, lots of bits actually, but the thing I’m talking about right now is the free short stories! And the latest one, The Band of Evil, is written by range editor Shaun Russell, and Candy Jar author Roger J Simmonds.
The Band of Evil will be given free to every person who pre-orders Jonathan Cooper’s The Showstoppers, which is due out at the end of this month. All subscribers will receive the short story automatically, as will those who purchase any of the bundles for the 2016 series. Shaun said:

“Although I’ve had a hand in establishing the direction of the series it’s been my goal to write a Lethbridge-Stewart story myself, but this has always proved difficult due to health and work commitments, so when the opportunity to work with Roger on this short story presented itself I jumped at it. The story is a classic ‘base under siege’ tale with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.”

The book also contains a preview chapter of Roger’s autobiography, Standing on the Sidelines. Roger’s life has been a rock ’n’ rollercoaster of a journey.
Candy_Jar_Standing_On_The Sidelines_cover
Highlights of his remarkable career include playing the 2is club in Soho at the height of its popularity, being part of the only Welsh group to play the world-famous Cavern Club, working alongside the influential record producer Joe Meek, getting drunk with the Krays, and being present when Tom Jones got his name. Simmonds, who was once of touring member of The Honeycombs, said:

“I met some of the most influential performers during the ‘60s including George Harrison, Brian Jones, David Bowie and Tom Jones. My autobiography captures the glamour and sleaze, the hedonism and idealism and the sights and smells of the British rock scene. It was great to transfer these experiences to the world of Lethbridge-Stewart.”

Hayley Cox, senior publishing coordinator at Candy Jar Books, adds:

“Currently the Lethbridge-Stewart stories are set in the tail end of the swinging ‘60s and who better to draw upon these exciting times than someone who was actually there. I believe that Roger and Shaun have captured the rock music scene perfectly.”

Candy Jar’s also created a Spotify Lethbridge-Stewart and Standing on the Sidelines playlists.
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Showstoppers is now available for pre-order for £8.99, directly from Candy Jar Books.

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Free Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story: The Band of Evil

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