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It's A Titan Comics Doctor Who Sale!

In honour of this last weekend’s Doctor Who Comics Day festivities (launching this summer’s event, Supremacy of the Cybermen), Titan Comics and Comixology are having a Doctor Who sale.
Running until the 18th July, you’ll be able to pick up individual issues or trade paperback editions of the acclaimed Doctor Who comics series including the adventures of the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors written by the likes of Cavan Scott, George Mann, Nick Abadzis, Si Spurrier, Robbie Morrison, and Rob Williams.
For anyone not in the know, Comixology is a digital library of comics and graphic novels from big name companies like Marvel, DC, and of course Titan Comics, as well as lesser-known publishers like Avatar, Rosy Press, and Aspen Comics. Tenth Doctor writer, Nick Abadzis praised the evolving comics community in our exclusive interview:

“Any community that surrounds an industry is important, as it’s via that community you get a sense of both consensus and of activity and experimentation happening in the margins. In the case of comics, which is so much about communication, doubly so. I don’t always believe the consensus – you should always check things out for yourself – but comics always has an edge of innovation and experimentation at the outer edges of its community by virtue of the fact that it’s something that can done in isolation. It can have a very DIY ethic, which is a thing about it I’ve always loved a lot. As much as it is an industry, it’s also a fantastic mode of self-expression. Back in the day, that way of doing things used to happen exclusively through media like self-printed mini-comics and zines, but more and more it’s happening via webcomics and personal blogs.”

He also said:

“I think it’s brilliant and healthy that a language like comics (as opposed to the medium and industry itself) is embracing new ways of getting itself seen. I’ve always held that it’s the most flexible language humankind ever invented, that it’s in fact very, very old and here it is evolving and adapting itself (via its creators) to new areas.”

In Comixology’s sale, you’ll also be able to nab the smash-hit 2015 Four Doctors event written by Human Nature/The Family of Blood writer Paul Cornell.
Artists on the various series include Warren Pleece, Neil Edwards, Simon Fraser, Alice X. Zhang plus many, many more.
For full details of what’s on offer, head over to Comixology now.

Andrew Reynolds

It's A Titan Comics Doctor Who Sale!

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